Convenient, Fast and Easy!

All assessments are administered and scored using our scoring web site. The applicant can take the assessment live or take a Paper and Pencil version and you can input the responses to our website. Reports are available instantaneously and are stored forever.

Store and Score

Another convenient and cost saving feature of the Hiring Suite is the “Store and Score” feature. It allows Hiring Suite users to save time by having ALL applicants take the entire battery of surveys without being charged inventory units. In other words, the employer doesn’t pay for the surveys until they have decided to SCORE the survey. The Hiring Suite will STORE all UN-SCORED surveys for free, forever. “Store and Score” gives the employer the ability to choose which applicants’ surveys are scored.

For example, if an employer administers three different assessments and after deciding to score the first one, the results suggest the applicant is undesirable, the employer may leave the remaining two assessments UN-SCORED and no more scoring units will be invested on a candidate they don’t want to hire.

Following the same example, if the applicant does well on the first assessment, then the employer has the flexibility to score the second and third assessments. Units are only deducted from an employer’s online inventory when assessments are scored, not when they are administered.

Quick Link Survey Initiation

The Hiring Suite offers a convenient, quick method of linking to the online scoring site for individuals who are asked to take the assessments. Rather than having to log on to the website, enter codes or other information, an employer is able to simply embed a link which will take applicants directly to the battery of surveys the employer has decided to administer to their job applicants.

The link could be embedded in the employer’s website, emailed directly to the applicant, or even printed on the application where all the applicant would have to do is type the link in their browser. This system makes it easy to integrate with online application processes too.