Straight Answers On Hiring

Traditional Hiring Practices

Managers have to put the right person in the right job to stay competitive and raise production. Traditional hiring practices require an Application for Employment and a face to face interview with each candidate. Managers make hiring decisions based on age, gender, education, experience, ethnicity, and “gut feelings” …then go back to work. Most follow this procedure because “that’s the way we do it around here”. After all, that’s how they were hired, so it must be right!!

Right in Your Backyard

Through a nationwide distributor network, companies in all 50 States and several foreign countries use Advanced Psychometrics’ pre and post employment instruments to help them make the right hiring decision. Although they come from all areas of industry, there is one common thread…they value their employees and want to invite newcomers that “fit” into their present structure.

Research On Traditional Hiring Practices

A survey and research firm in Princeton, N.J. completed a 16 year study of 7,000 corporations involving 350,000 applicants. They reported in the Harvard Business Review that 80% of workers were in the wrong jobs because they were hired for age, gender, education, experience, or ethnicity, instead of what really counts – personality. Industries “never look at what counts, which is whether a person has the personality dynamics that will enable him or her to do well in the job.”

Our History

For nearly 40 years, Neal W. Johnston, President of Advanced Psychometrics, Inc. has been designing and implementing pre-employment testing for industry. He holds a graduate Master of Science in Psychology. In 1977 he started his own human resources consulting firm and published the Personality-Plus Indicator in 1978. Since that time, it has been updated and revised into its present format. Team Master® was published in 1986, Sales Plus in 1993, Johnston Index in 1994, and The Insure Survey in 1996.

Test Validity & APA-EEOC-ADA Issues

Through the auspices of the University of North Texas, the Professional Development Institute, conducted Validation Studies on the Personality Plus® Indicator, Johnston Index, and The Insure Survey using Construct and Concurrent Validation procedures. Results are available on request.
All Advanced Psychometrics instruments meet and /or exceed the guidelines for testing set by the American Psychological Association. Additionally, they comply with guidelines established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the American Disabilities Act.

Select Winners
Ensure Compatibility
Screen out misfits
Minimize turnover

Neal Johnston, President Advanced Psychometrics, Inc.
"If hiring decisions have you under pressure, we can help ease the pain by giving you straight answers on hiring employees that can make the difference between your company succeeding or failing."