A strong personnel selection program can lead to lower shrinkage and higher caliber employees in retail sales

This 70 item personality indicator measures six personality traits essential to sales:

Sales Skills
Customer Sensitivity
Marketing Knowledge

Few decisions in a retail environment are as important as the hiring of sales people. They need to have the collective skills, talents, personality, and level of commitment that will ensure that customer’s enjoy shopping in your establishment and will return when future purchases are necessary. Today’s retailers need to use every tool at their disposal to remain competitive into the new millennium. Sales Plus® is unique in that it combines three personality traits with three skill scales. It is designed to be utilized by retailers for their in-store sales personnel. This instrument was originally designed for one of America’s leading retailers over 10 years ago. They still use it today in making their hiring decisions.

Distortion: This instrument contains a Distortion Scale.

Validity: Validation Study completed by a major University.