Individual ability isn’t all that counts in getting the job done. It takes compatibility, chemistry, and supportive strengths, for real teamwork to take place on the job.

What If ......

You could build teams in your company that were compatible, had the chemistry, and the magic, that winning teams seem to possess?

You could experiment beforehand to see how proposed promotions or reorganizations would work?

You could group the right combination of workers into productive groups in every situation?

Now You Can......

Team Master® allows you to put together and take apart teams in your own office, on your own personal computer. Spreadsheet software has allowed you to play “What If” with numbers for years, now you can do the same thing with applicants and employees. With Team Master® you will finally have the information to make people decisions based on data, and reasonable predictions, rather than trial and error. Using Team Master®, you can set up simulations of potential work groups and predict their working chemistry, before you make a decision that could cost the company thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

What It Does:

Team Master® utilizes the results from previously administered Personality Plus® assessments to make determinations. It compares results to each other and reports on possible conflicts and areas of compatibility between the individuals.

A Diagnostic Tool As Well:

Team Master® offers more than just the ability to set up new working teams, it lets you look at current teams that aren’t working. Utilizing this powerful new tool, you can take teams apart and find out why they aren’t meeting company expectations. Team Master® lets you find out if the supervisor is ill-suited to the group or if members of the group are making it impossible to lead and manage. It gives you the knowledge to help the team get back on track.

Validity: Relies on Validation Study completed by a major University on Personality Plus®.