One of the major benefits of Personality Plus® and Johnston Index® is the ability to utilize Profiles. Profiles are guides created for job positions which can be used to compare applicant’s scores to the job requirements. The program automatically compares results to 30 Generic Profiles which help the interviewer quickly identify differences between the applicant and the “ideal” employee.

Generic Profiles: There are 30 pre-determined Profiles displayed with Personality Plus® results. They have been formulated by other companies based on their employees or job criterion. You cannot change these Profiles, they are for informational purposes only. They are not as reliable a measure of performance as your company’s Custom Profiles developed with your employees.

Custom Profiles: A special routine allows you to create custom profiles based on your current employees’ scores or requirements for the position. These are the most effective since they are custom designed by the program for your company.

Custom Profiles may be created using one of two methods: Control Group: Uses the scores of 3 or more of you current employees to determine the acceptable "green" ranges for the Profile. Snaphot Analysis: Allows you to create a Profile based on knowledge about the position. The "green" ranges are determined by your answers to a series of questions.

Profile Grid: Both Generic and Custom Profiles create a Profile Grid. A Profile Grid is a visual display of how the applicant compares to the scores of a specific Control Group.