The Hiring Suite® Features:

Measures 10 personality traits essential to business. The report displays the applicant’s scores for each personality trait plus Generic Profiles (benchmarks or patterns) for 40 different job positions. The applicant’s Generic Profile scores can also be displayed in an easily read graphic form called a Profile Grid. In addition to 3 different written reports you can choose to display the applicant’s trait scores on a Psychograph, an easily read graphic form showing the applicant’s scores. Custom Profiles based on your company’s employees can also be created quickly and easily once the data is available. Benefit - Productive employees keep profits high and Personality Plus® can help you identify applicants who will "fit" and be productive in your unique work culture.


Measures 4 basic learned skills: Problem Solving, Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Spelling. If you are interviewing for a position that requires any of these skills they can be measured quickly and easily with this test which is timed to 15 minutes. The JI report also has a psychograph and a Custom Profile may be created for your company based on your own employees. Benefit – Know before you hire whether the applicant’s skill level is high enough for your needs


Measures attitudes toward Integrity, Substance Abuse, Reliability, and Work Ethic. Surveys show that up to 80% of applicants lie on their resumes. Many can actually sit across from you in an interview with warm smiles while they “case” your place of business. Substance Abusers need to “feed” their habit and may plan to do so with your company’s inventory. Others are just not reliable and don’t want to work! The Insure Survey® has two Sections. Section I gives the interviewer possible verbal questions to clarify the applicant’s answers. Section II reports the scale scores in the four attitude areas being measured on a 1 (low) to 9 (high) scale. Answers that may be of CONCERN may be displaced for the interviewer to clarify the applicant’s response. Do not administer The Insure Survey® to applicants in the state of Massachusetts. Benefit – The Insure Survey® helps you avoid hiring applicants with low morals and ethics.


Designed specifically for the retail environment. It is unique in that it combines three personality traits with three skill scales: Sales Skills, Organization, Customer Service, Motivation, Marketing, and Competitiveness. If you’re in retail over-the-counter sales this test is designed just for your type of business. It can be used to hire new employees or to train current employees. In either case, it will point out where the applicant’s knowledge gaps concerning retail sales needs to be strengthened. Benefit – Know before you hire what skills the applicant needs strengthened to insure a successful in-store sales career.


Distortion (Lie) Scales : All assessments, accept the Johnston Index, have a built in Distortion(or Lie) Scale to alert the administrator if the applicant is being untruthful or less then candid in responding to the questionnaires.